AIR Pipeline Partnership Program Fellowship  

Pipeline to Employment

The AIR Equity Initiative Pipeline Partnership Program (P3) Fellowship is a competitively awarded three-year program for advanced doctoral students at P3-US universities, including Georgia State University, Howard University, and The University of Texas at San Antonio. Doctoral students at these universities whose program and research align with the AIR Equity Initiative programmatic areas—education, workforce development, justice and public safety, and community health and well-being in the U.S. and globally—are encouraged to apply. This includes students studying topics in the behavioral and social sciences, public health, economics, public policy, and other related fields. Those who qualify for the P3 Fellowship will be exceptional students whose research aims to address systemic inequalities.

This three-year program for doctoral students at P3-US institutions seeks to: 

The P3 fellowship will expand pathways for students from a broad range of backgrounds to complete their doctoral degrees, engage in research opportunities, and obtain jobs in the research field.

The P3 Fellowship consists of two phases. Phase 1 is a two-year pre-doctoral program for advanced doctoral students who expect to complete their dissertations within two years. Following the completion of their dissertation defense and doctoral degree, P3 Fellows will enter into Phase 2, a one-year paid post-doctoral position at AIR.

Phase 1— Pre-Doctoral Program

During the first two years of the program, P3 pre-docs will be expected to complete their dissertation while participating in virtual and in-person P3 activities such as networking, training, and professional development. Each year, pre-docs will receive a $20k grant as well as $10k to support research and travel expenses.

Phase 2 Post-Doctoral Program

During the third year of the program, P3 post-docs will work full-time on AIR Equity Initiative research and/or technical assistance projects. Post-docs will be expected to serve as mentors to incoming pre-docs, work on Equity Initiative research or technical assistance projects, network within the Institution, and support the development of proposals. Post-docs will be compensated commensurate with early career doctoral-level employees at AIR, in addition to $10k for research and travel support.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

Timeline Overview