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About the AIR Pipeline Partnership Program

Recognizing that many graduate-level students are unaware of research and technical assistant career opportunities outside of academia, the AIR Pipeline Partnership Program (P3) seeks to bridge academic institutions and AIR with scholars interested in connecting research, policy, and practice. We collaborate with universities to provide virtual and on-campus learning events, workshops, and trainings delivered by AIR Institute Fellows, leadership, and other internal experts; networking opportunities; and access to AIR’s paid Summer Internship Program and other opportunities.  


In addition, the P3 expanded to several universities in Africa in Fall 2022, including The University of Nairobi and The University of Dar es Salaam. The international expansion will follow a similar model to the P3-U.S. and provide offerings relevant and tailored to the students served at selected universities.

About AIR and the AIR Equity Initiative

The American Institutes for Research® (AIR) is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit institution that conducts behavioral and social science research and delivers technical assistance to solve some of the most urgent challenges in the U.S. and around the world. Through the AIR Equity Initiative, AIR invests in the generation and use of high-quality evidence to address the harmful effects of segregation by race and place. As part of our core operating principles, we support and engage in partnerships with stakeholders who are directly affected by the inequities we seek to address and with those who influence and drive decision making. Further, our work advances efforts that incorporate the perspectives of individuals with diverse experiences and expertise to shape approaches and solutions that are responsive to the communities with whom we work. The Pipeline Partnership Program is one component of this initiative.

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